Frequently Asked Questions & Answers 


How long are parties?

Let’s Celebrate 1 ½ hours (weekdays)

Let’s Party 2 hours (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

How much are parties?

Let’s Celebrate $130 weekday $230 weekend

Let’s Party $260


What is included in the party package?

• Private party • UNLIMITED guests • Full access to play area  • 1 Athletic Academy T-shirt for birthday child • White paper plates, napkins & plasticware provided upon request. • 15 minutes for set up prior to the party. • Socks are required for all participants. • 5-minute friendly reminder at the end of party


How are your parties structured? 

Let's Celebrate(week day)

1 1/2 hours 

1st 30 minutes in the play area 

2nd 30 minutes in the party room 

3rd 30 minutes in the play area 

Let's Party (weekend)

2 hours

1 1/2 hours in the play area 

Last 30 minutes in the party room 

What products are provided in the birthday party package?

White paper plates, napkins, cutlery and gallon of lemonade.

A t-shirt for the birthday child. ($12 value)

What are the hours available to reserve Athletic Academy?

Monday-Thursday 5:30PM-8:00PM 

Friday 5:30PM-7:30PM

Saturday 10:00AM-7:30PM

Sunday 11:00AM-8:30PM 


How are parties booked?

Our availability and self-scheduling can be accessed on our website


How much is it to make the reservation?

Half of the payment is required to hold the reservation.


When is the remainder of the payment due?

The remainder of the payment is due the day of the party.


What paperwork is required for children to play?

We have an electronic waiver that must be signed by each participant. Guests can sign them before hand to save time at the desk. They’ll just have to tell the employees their name so they can verify the waiver.


What is the refund policy?

Athletic Academy has a no refund policy. We are more than happy to reschedule your party on a later date.


How much time is designated for set up?

There is 15 minutes prior to the start of the party for decorating purposes only. We have a utility cart that you can use to help bring decorations and supplies in and load


How many tables are in the party area?

There are 10 – 6 ft tables. 9 are set up for seating and 1 is used for food and decorations.


What equipment is in the facility?                                                                               

We have a spring-loaded floor, a double slide, a bounce house with a slide, 25 ft blow up trampoline, 30 ft trampoline, swinging ropes, a climbing wall, a basketball goal. 


Is there age restrictions on the rock wall?

The wall is designed for ages 5 to adult.


How is the party structured? 

The whole facility is available for the entire party. There will be a 10 minute reminder to the birthday party parents and a 5 minute notification  This allows the staff to sanitize all the play equipment before the next party.


What activities are offered during the party time?

All the equipment will be available for free play during the designated play area time. We do not break the group up for stations. The game wall is available for the entire of the party. 


Are socks required? Any specific kind?

Yes, we require that all participants wear socks. We prefer all guests to bring their own, clean socks but if someone ends up forgetting we do have loner socks you can borrow that must be returned at the end of the party. All loner socks are washed and sanitized between loans.


Is the facility open to the public during the party?

No, the facility isn’t open to the public during party hours. However, the owner is a single mother and we also employ mothers that must bring their children to work.


How does the party end?

There will be a friendly 10-minute reminder at the end of the party to the hosts and an announcement at 5 minutes remaining to the party guests. Employees are there to assist with loading the cart and help with cleaning the party room. The employees also can help transition the end of the party with an announcement to the party 


Is outside food and drink allowed?

Yes, outside food and drink are allowed.

Here is a list of the closest pizza restaurants to our facility.  


886 Bert Kouns Industrial Loop


Papa Johns

9225 Mansfield Road


Little Caesars

9162 Mansfield Road



Are there concessions available?

Yes, we have a snack shack!  (Some parties buy each child candy instead of having a party favor)

Price range from .50-$2.00


Where is food and drink allowed in the facility?

Food and drink are only allowed in the party room. There is no food or drink allowed in the play area. Any guests will be advised to relocate to the party room. This helps keep our facility clean and helps with longevity of our equipment.


Are there age restrictions on the rock wall?

The wall is designed for ages 5 to adult.


Do we provide tablecloths?

No, we provide white paper plates, napkins and silverware upon request.


How much are extra t-shirts?

The t-shirts are $12.00.


Do we allow pinatas?

Yes, we do but only outside in between our play area and party room. You must bring something to hang it as well.


Do we allow confetti?

No, do not allow confetti.


Do we allow balloons?

Yes, we do but you must have a weight for them. If you do not have a weight, you’ll have to purchase one at the front desk.


Do we allow alcohol?

ABSOLETULY NOT. You have to drive those babies home. If there is alcohol the party will end immediately, and everyone will be escorted out of the and there will not be a refund.


How many exits are in the building?

We have one main entrance to our play area and one main entrance our party area. There are 7 exit doors in the party area and 3 exit doors in the play area.


Are there two separate rooms in the facility?

Yes, the play area and party room are in two separate buildings connected by a 10 ft covered walkway.


How many restrooms are in the facility?

We have 3 restrooms. Two in the play area and one in the party room.


Registration Form:

What is the cost of day camp?

The cost of day camp is $30.00 day + field trips 

What are the hours of day camp?

Day Camp hours are 7:30AM-5:30PM

What are the ages for day camp? 

Ages for day camp are 5-11

What are some typical field trips and prices?

AirU-$5.00, Movies $1.00-Summer Clubhouse $8.10, Bowling $7.00, Swimming $1.00, Gators & Friends $6.00, Sciport $9.00, Aquarium $8.00, Jubilee zoo $7.00 

What are typical activities during camp? 

We have free play and organized games. Some of the organized games played everyday at camp include freeze tag, jackpot, dodgeball, kickball, basketball, football, hide and seek, corners, ships and sailors, and little sally walker.

We have craft time, colors, board games, Legos and other small toys to allow for some down time as well.  

What weeks are day camp?

During all school breaks we hold day camp with the exceptions of holidays.

What does my child need to bring everyday? 

Your child needs to bring a sack lunch, and a snack. On swim days a swimsuit, towel and spray sunscreen are required. 


What are the hours of afterschool?

After School hours are 3:00PM-5:30PM Monday-Friday

What schools have transportation to Athletic Academy?

We provide transportation from Eden Gardens, Fairfield and Calvary Baptist Academy. 


What are the ages accepted in the afterschool program?

Ages 5-13


What is the cost for afterschool care? 

$60 weekly / $18 daily


How much is the registration fee?

We do not have a registration fee.


How do I sign up?

Fill out the registration form here

Once registered there will be invite sent from Brightwheel via email.


How are payments received?

All payments go through Brightwheel. All cards and most bank accounts are accepted.

What is the payment schedule?

There is a choice to pay weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.


How do we know when my child makes it to the facility?

There will a notification sent through the childcare app, Brightwheel. 


What is the protocol for children leaving the facility?

Every adult must be on the approved pick up list through Brightwheel and they must have the 4 digit code assigned to the child.


What is provided in the afterschool program?

There is a daily snack and a drink, homework assistance, organized games, and free play.


When is homework assistance available?

Homework assistance is directly following snack time.

What are the programs full capacity?

Our full capacity with current vehicles is 39 students.


Is my child required to participate in the organized games?

No child is required to participate in the organized games. Most often we find they end up playing on their own time if not forced to participate.


How is the current discipline protocol?

When we see an issue arise, we encourage positive redirection. If the situation is escalated where punishment is necessary, we use a time out method. While in time out a counselor talks to each of the children and help them understand why they’re in time out and give them tools to make better decisions. They then must apologize accompanied with the reasoning and understanding as to what put them in time out.











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